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So my 'He's got this' story is my journey - desiring to be a Mum. It’s over 4 years now that Dave and I have been believing for our miracle baby.  I have an infertility report from doctors due to my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)and as a result, I have tried different fertility drugs and attempted a round of IVF last year, which unfortunately I couldn’t complete.

It's been a rollercoaster with highs full of hope and expectancy and then the tougher times where you just can't comprehend how this can happen to us and many others we've met along the way.

Disappointment and disheartenment weave themselves into those special protected places in your heart at times doubting if God can deliver on His promises. But I know I serve a good God who wants to grant us the desires of our hearts. He is my healer and he knit me in my mothers’ womb fearfully and wonderfully, just as He will do with my children.

My God is the same God of Sarah, Rachel and Hannah (biblical 'barren' women) who granted their little miracles against all the odds. I rest in the peace that His timing is perfect and my children will come into this world whenever He has planned; which actually takes away the angst and worry and in turn gets me excited for what is to come.

I thank God without a shadow of a doubt that He has well & truly GOT THIS!

Tracey x[/three_fifth_last]