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He's got this.

Three simple words. Yet, how wonderfully do they encapsulate the goodness of God.

Having been raised in a Latin American Pentecostal church, I have always - like most Christians - tried passionately to walk out this Christian journey fervently pursuing Jesus, never stumbling regardless of the situation. Nevertheless, as I grow older, it seems inevitable that faith, well, can sometimes hit an asystole line - just flat straight.

I've encountered situations in my life that have been tough but trust me, there will be seasons where the flat line of your life starts to jump up, and your faith takes a big jolt. To be perfectly honest, I'm in a place where I've never felt the need for God to intervene so much. It actually isn't anything to do with myself personally but it's to do with the people I love. Family. That's what hurts the most.

I'm someone who likes to be in control of things, finding solutions to situations but leaves me feeling heartbroken when I simply can't. Sometimes it feels impossible to bear the burdens that life brings us. Only a perfect being can help sustain it. That's where God patiently awaits. Waiting for our surrender. When I hear, He's got this, I remind myself of the cross Jesus bore to save me and how victorious we are because of it.

At end of the day, when that lifeline jolts, it means I'm alive. Jesus never said our journey in life would be a piece of cake but He did say that His yolk is easy and His burden is light. When my faith is stretched, challenged and my heart is aching, I know that it's God who carries me onwards. The great thing about the statement He's got this is that it's in the present. He had it sounds like God won't come through again like He faithfully did in the bible.

But our God doesn't change. There's a song we used to sing in church that I'll never forget:

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

How true is that? Declaring and truly believing that He's got this means that I don't have to strive to fix the heartache I feel right now. I rest in the Makers hands, the one that can fix it.

He's Got This is the truest most stripped back description of Gods faithfulness in our lives and I pray you'll believe it in your hearts too.[/three_fifth_last]