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For me, ‘He’s Got This’ is a statement about grace.

Ten months after getting married on my 22nd birthday, I heard some news that utterly shattered my world. Disoriented and confused, with all points of reference gone, I struggled to make sense of the new reality unfolding before me. As time passed the situation worsened, and I ended up losing my entire social circle, my self worth, my confidence and my marriage. I totally lost sight of myself, caught in a downward spiral of abuse and betrayal that I thought I would never escape.

Heartbroken, shut off from everyone around me, and feeling like a failure I cried out to a God I’d never really spoken to before, asking Him to help me forgive and help me stick the pieces of myself and my life back together. He answered me with a force and power I will never, ever forget.

Over the past six years, God has wholly redeemed and restored my life. He has been with me as I have grieved over my old life. He was with me on the day I finally took off my wedding ring. He has been there through the divorce paperwork, the dividing up of belongings, the disposal of my cherished wedding dress. As I had to deal with each painful shard of my broken life, God was there, grieving with me, but promising me He would make all things new again.

I have regained my identity because He has spoken over me every day who I really am. I have found my confidence because He has handed it back to me, constantly reminding me of my absolute worth in His eyes. Because of His faithfulness, I learnt to trust again. Because of His great love, I learnt to love again.

Not only did God completely restore me, He handed me a completely blank slate, and the chance to write a new future with Him. I have been handed a set of circumstances that have meant that if I chose not to share my story with anyone, I wouldn’t have had to. He has allowed me to choose.

In June this year I married Ash, who is every bit the Husband God wanted for me. Our wedding day was the happiest day of my life, and we owe every second of our joy to God. Both of us are committed to spending our lives pointing to God, giving him praise for this life together he has gifted us; a happiness we did nothing to deserve but God wanted us to have regardless. I have a new life and a new name, and I want to be open about my story so that others can know what God has done for me. I don’t have to live my life in the shadow of my past. I can stand wholly restored, redeemed and confident in who I am now, in Him.

To me, ‘He’s Got This’ is about learning that whatever the circumstances, His Grace is enough. It doesn’t matter what’s happened to you, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been, it is already covered. He will write you a new beginning, because restoring us to all that we can be is His great joy. You just need to trust Him.