You are loved..

Happy Valentines! Last weekend I spent some time with some good friends doing a couples shoot in preparation for today. I found an old abandoned factory and the location was so much better that I had imagined, albeit pretty scary to start with. In the end I got some great images which I'm excited to share with you - I hope you like them!

defineadream, urban couple,

defineadream, urban couple,

They're pretty cool hey, and I have hot friends who are always happy to model for me! Makes my job so much easier.

As it's Valentines day, I just wanted to point out to you all, that you are loved, no matter who you are, with or without a partner, with or without family. You are loved, oh so much.

Enjoy your weekend guys..big love.

JB x

As always, I have hundreds more images which will be shown on my instagram, make sure you go check it out, @jesssbarrett