Winter Style..

As Winter draws near, I thought I'd save you all some time in the search for your "winter bedding" (that's not actually a thing, but it definitely should be). This blog follows on from my previous blog, where I was longing for a day wrapped up in the comfort of my warm duvet. The perfect bed isn't just achieved by the perfect bed linen, it's all about textures and layering. I've found an image I love that has inspired me in the past and sourced the best of the bedding bunch for your easiest shopping experience ever. Bedroom

So simple. I'm a sucker for white bed linen, it's just so clean and crisp and white is the easiest pallet to work with. You can achieve so many different styles with white bed linen (meaning if you get bored, you don't have to buy new bed linen, just new throws/cushions and you've changed your style! See, I can save you money!).

Bed Linen The Linen WorksI am slightly biased but for the best linen I would head to The Linen Works. They have a range of colours which are all stunning but my favourite is their classic white linen. The prices may be a little higher than you might expect but the quality is like nothing else. The bed-linen is pre-washed, which softens the fibres ensuring the most comfortable nights sleep. It's a simple relaxed style, no fuss, no border, which you don't really want when layering!

Throw HabitatThere are so many places you can buy beautiful throws from, The Linen Works actually do a beautiful charcoal linen throw but I think to achieve that warmer look we need something a bit thicker. I've looked around and found a throw at Habitat, the Charcoal Bed spread. Oversized is perfect. The idea isn't to tuck it neatly round the sides of your bed, more throw it on your bed and ruffle it up. DB and I actually have a King Size bedspread on our small double bed over winter and it's the comfiest nights sleep wrapped in layers (and helps with the quilt stealing as we get one each!).

Cushions Velvet CushionsThe final ingredient and my obsession, cushions! Little trick, just add a charcoal or light grey linen pillowcase instead of just white linen, this adds layers without crowding your bed with a million cushions! I'm really impressed with the variety of cushions that you can find at H&M Home. Personally, I would add a black velvet cushion to the mix. I love to play with textures and I think the linen and velvet would play perfectly off each other. H&M do a great range of cushions for a reasonable price so I invite you to take a peek there and instil a bit of your own style.

A little extra point outside the realms of the bed.. To bring cosy details into your bedroom, create a canopy over your bed - this doesn't have to be expensive, just drape some fabric from a nail on the wall, voila! Add a deep comfy chair in dark, jewel, earthy tones and add a fluffy little rug to treat your feet on those cold early mornings.

I have so many other styles to share with you, from Boho to Industrial, which will be popping up sporadically in future blogs. I will warn you however that the basis always lies on white bed linen - so if you're going ahead and looking to re-style your bedroom, your first port of call should be The Linen Works, snap up that Classic White Linen and keep an eye out for more ideas here at defineadream!

JB x