Winter Essential..

This morning I made a massive error. I left the house in a rush and definitely didn't have enough layers on, on top of that my scarf really didn't match my top; and so on the journey in to London and all morning in the office, I've been thinking of how much warmer I would be with a nice cosy knit jumper (and how much better my scarf would look with a different top). My arms would be all snug, I could pull the long sleeves to cover my freezing hands and I would be able to focus on my work, instead of my freezing body!Frustratingly, I have a number of perfect cosy knits at home, and I don't know what I was thinking this morning when I got dressed and didn't put one on! And so..lunch time calls for a little desperate 'essential' shopping! I've done my research and found my favourite cosy knits which I've posted below..

Keep warm and get cosy, it's your winter essential!

JB x

Click on the image to see where each jumper is from, you can shop for them all at Harvey Nichols.