Having spent some time doing some research in the last few weeks I've found some beautiful new sites, filled with stunning products that I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks. Vividgrey_Vienna

I'm an avid reader of the blog 'Design Hunter' and recently saw that she blogged about a company called VIVIDGREY. First off, it had 'grey' in the word, I was obviously drawn in very quickly! But secondly there was some stunning imagery which I instantly fell for. I was soon on the VIVIDGREY website and getting in touch myself, keen to share with you all!

Sabine, the founder and designer of VIVIDGREY shares her story on her website, and what I love most is the modern and different approach to 'living with children'. I feel like a lot of the time, people take on quite a generic design when it comes to kids rooms and play areas, making their house 'childproof', but with VIVIDGREY, she really embodies the imagination of children with simple sophistication.

I've had a slight obsessions with wall art recently, and her bespoke prints flew my creative mind into overdrive. I'm keen to develop one of our spare rooms into a 'blogging office/creative room' for my husband and myself and as soon as I saw her canvases I knew it would be perfect.

I love that Sabine has thought through every detail of her business, through to the stunning embossed labels and tags. It really is all in the detail!

Having spent a while browsing around the VIVIDGREY website, I thought I might show you my favourite items. I'm a sucker for a throw or a cushion and Sabine doesn't disappoint! The  'Slumber Light' also caught my eye, the warm and soft glow it gives and it's fun breathtaking design makes it top of my list! Have a peek and get dreaming!

For more images or to get shopping, have a look on their website VIVIDGREY

JB x