That vintage life..

I love an antique, an old piece of furniture that's gone through the years, with the marks that tell a tale every time. A vintage piece of jewellery, that was once someones beloved necklace/ring, now intertwined with your story. I love it. I could spend all day everyday perusing around vintage markets and antique shops, looking for something I can restore, or give a new home. I have a couple of all time favourite places that are nearby, one of those being Dorking, where the streets are paved with antique , interior stores and vintage jewellers (there's a few coffee shops thrown in there as well, the perfect shopping experience!). There is also a street in Hampton Court that is lined with antique shops. I don't get to visit there often, but when I do, I come back with a car full. Last time I visited was actually over a year ago (i must go back there soon), we strolled around for hours and came across beauty after beauty. We ended up going home with a crate, a trunk and a piece of jewellery. All of which now make my home look good.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOn my latest trip to Dorking I found my creative mind going into overload walking around the shops. I fell head over heels in love for these small barrels. They had two, they were costly, at £40.00 each, but the good thing about these antique stores is you can barter. In my head I would have got them both for £40.00 (realistic, I know). Unfortunately I didn't end up buying them (primarily because my husband was away and I felt guilty spending our money without him knowing). I'm hoping they are still there when we return as they would make fantastic bed side tables. My side can have a vase of flowers on and my husband can have the bedside lamp. See, I have it all perfectly planned, it's meant to be!

In my first year of marriage, we rented a small (by small, i mean boxlike) flat in Putney. It was beautiful, but we had to get creative with space and we weren't able to buy bits and pieces that we saw. We had a charity shop close by that sold only furniture and it took some restraint not to buy something every week! One item we did buy was this beautiful old children's school desk. Oh my gosh, I still love it to this day. In Putney, our only option was to use it has a TV stand, not to its greatest potential! Now we live in Surrey, in a bigger flat, and it's gloriously displayed as our coffee table. We added to the marks that kids have made on the table, so that it ever moves on (which I hope it never does), someone shares a bit of our story too.

This is probably my husband (DB) and mines joint favourite piece. An old sewing machine. We found out whilst traipsing around markets whilst on honeymoon. We both have a bit of a love for antiques (although I think DB's has been slightly forced). We had seen sewing machines around at markets for a while, and were eager to buy one but not for a ridiculous price. So when we saw this one for £25.00 we had no choice but to snap it up, we handed over the cash and became proud owners of a vintage sewing machine.

This phone seat is my current project, bought from eBay at the bargin price of £21.00. I'm really stuck with what to do with it. I think it looks great as it is, but I also think it has great potential. I particularly love the studs on the edge of the fabric, that's something I really don't want to lose. What do you think I should do? I would love to hear your ideas, and hopefully in a few weeks time I can report back with the 'phone seat story'.

JB x