Stylist Live..

I was one of the lucky 100 to win tickets to the Stylist Live event held this past weekend. To be honest, I wasn't really sure what I was going to, all I knew was that it involved fashion, shopping, food AND a free glass of champagne. I took along DEFINEADREAM's resident model (and good friend) Charlotte, who is also a lover of all things fashion. Walking in we headed straight to the catwalk to watch the first fashion show of the day. I love a good catwalk and this one didn't disappoint, taking styles from fashion weeks worldwide and transforming them into outfits we can achieve from highstreet brands. I'll be honest, it wasn't really my style, I'm a lot more minimalist with my fashion choices, however, it was really interesting to see how outfits were translated from the catwalk to the street.

One of my favourite things about Stylist Live? Without wanting to sound vain, was the photo opportunities. They had plenty of fun backdrops, a photo-booth and a photo flip book you could create with Swarovski, all of which we took FULL advantage of which you can see above and below.

The rest of Stylist Live was good, lots of food to eat (the mac and cheese was AMAZING, thanks Anna-Maes) and stalls to visit, but as with the fashion show it wasn't necessarily "my style" - that's not a bad thing as it challenged me to look outside of the box and my comfort zone, it was just different.

Ultimately, my take home from it all was, if you ever have the chance to try out Crosstown Doughnuts then do. The words that we used to describe them were, "mmm" "bready" and "vanillery" - all of which aren't really words, but I guess they do something crazy to you! The best doughnuts, and they're vegetarian, so that means they're healthy right?!

Doughnuts - defineadream

Thanks Stylist Live for having me, looking forward to next year!

JB x

*Jusy FYI, this stylist cover was one of my favourites..