Still Dreaming..

So it's been a year since the start of this blog, back then I was desperate to buy new furniture and re-do our flat and I'm still in the same situation. Although I would say my style has grown and developed over the past year, so I'm glad it's all still a dream and not reality. I feel that towards the beginning of my blogging journey, I was really into vintage, twee and antique items - don't get me wrong, I still LOVE vintage and antique - but as I grow older I've found the importance of buying staple key items and accessorising, as with fashion. You want to find 'timeless' pieces that will last the years. For example, you can update a cushion or a lick of paint but stick with the same furniture. And so here is my current living room mood-board.

A charcoal velvet comfy sofa resting on a fluffy white rug (I know I will regret that) with the most beautiful little blue chair from Anthropologie to bring in a bit of colour. The French House has supplied the rest of my needs, providing strong staple antique pieces for my home. The sideboard with a metal top would be used as our TV unit with plenty of storage for all our "stuff".  It's all planned out.

A year-long dream, and I have no doubt the next few months will fly by and in no time at all another year will have flown by..but the dream stays strong; so don't stop dreaming..

JB x