Sleep like a baby..

My bed has never seemed more inviting or harder to get out then the last few days. The winter cold has well and truly settled in and I'm choosing to embrace some warm winter lie-ins and a duvet day here or there! A bed alone is pretty inviting, but a bed with gorgeous bed linen, well that's just a whole 'nother level of inviting! You'll probably know that I'm a sucker for white bed linen if you've seen any of my previous blogs, but I do like the occasional thick patterned blanket (I got a beautiful one from Le Redoute).

I've found you some of my favourite bed linen I've seen around recently, have a look at the images below and get a little inspired, when you know what you want click the links at the bottom of the blog to get sent to the best shops to buy your bedlinem (researching for this was hard, I want to leave work and snuggle in bed!).

Bed Linen

You can get some of the above looks from the following shops:

Anthropologie H&M Home The Linen Works Graham and Green Urban Outfitters Home

*Cheeky tip, if you're buying a throw/bedspread, get it one size up from you bed so you can really snuggle in.

I'm counting down the hours till I can get back into bed..make sure you keep cosy this winter!

JB x