Rose Quartz & Serenity..

The Pantone colours of the moment. For the first time it's the blend of two shades, a warmer rose tone and a cooler tranquil blue. It really is quite a calm collection and I adore soft hues so I am alllllll over it. I'm seeing them everywhere now and it's time to translate these colours and get them in your wardrobe and in your home. So I've spent some time doing some research just for you and sourced my items below for both home and wardrobe that will keep you ahead of the game.


1. Rose Bed Linen 2. Nike Trainers 3. Blue Slip Dress 4. Blue Accent Chair 5. Triangle Bra 6. Pink Accent Chair 7. Pink Satin Bomber 8. Blue Vase 9. Rose Dress 10. Blue Crop Jumper 11. Blue Bed Linen

Cause I'm nice I've listed where you can buy these items above so just click on the item you like and it should take you to store. There were so many beautiful things it was so hard to narrow it down so do take some time to look yourself.

I don't know what's top of my list, maybe the bralette, but that pink chair with brass arms is stunning! And I have been lusting after that pink bomber jacket for a while..what's your favourite?

JB x