Have you heard of Represent Clothing? I hadn't until my friend showed me a coat of his, which I instantly loved. So of course - I went online immediately to find out a bit more and was not disappointed. defineadream

First off, I'm loving the oversized/long tee style on guys at the moment which Represent do really well. Their Fall/Winter 2014 collection is called 'Shadow' (now all in the SALE, go check it out!) and I think this represents the collection perfectly. Personally, I think it's really easy to put an outfit together with their collections, muted tones and perfect fits, they make it really easy for you. For those of you who are fans of colour, they have their rubberised jackets from AW14 Shadow collection, (now in the SALE) - I got hold of my friend who has it in orange and managed to shoot it for you guys. What do you think?


Even though I'm not a massive fan of bright colours, this coat is perfection. You can tell it's made incredibly well and it has a matte rubberised finish - I love playing with textures so I do love this coat - although if I was shopping for DB, I would have got a toned down colour, I'm just not that brave.

Excitingly, they've bought out a new collection for SS15, called 'Fury' which I'm enjoying. Here are my top picks for guys. DB has his birthday this month and I'm definitely keen to get him a few of these items and get some more photos for you guys so you can see how easy it is to style and how good they really look!

Would love to hear what you guys think about Represent - take a look at their site and let me know!

JB x

Feature image from Represent editorial.