Relaxed Formal..

So I work full-time at an interior design studio. I absolutely adore my job, surrounded by creatives and beautiful materials, I'm constantly inspired to design more, create more and challenge my ideas. But I've kind of got into a rut of dressing "comfy" for work. There are days where a baggy jumper is needed, for everyone's benefit. But I've been trying to come up with some outfits that are comfortable yet formal. I feel when I'm dressed better I'm more productive anyway, so it's best for me and my company if I look good right?! This outfit is all from Oak + Fort, paired with some trainers. Layering tee's over cigarette trousers gives a relaxed yet formal look. I've paired it with some Adidas Superstars, but to dress it up a little more you could wear some brogues and add a long simple necklace.


Cute hey? I love it anyway.

Also, sidenote, don't you just LOVE her hair - goals!

Loads more shoots to come guys, LOVING my new 50mm lens and goodies from Christmas, keep those eyes peeled, sign up, comment, make me happy!

JB x