I'm going to get in early with the Christmas/New Year blog post. 2015, a whole 365 days. It's definitely been a year of growth for myself and for DEFINEADREAM. We redesigned the website, launched a shop, expanded the blog and started the He's Got This Campaign. Phew! Maybe I bit off a bit more than I could chew?!

I won't lie, with all the aspects of DEFINEADREAM launching, a few tears were shed, a lot of stress built up and I have strived after something "perfect" for the last few months. Only to realise on reflection that I love DEFINEADREAM. I love what we stand for and I love what we sell. It's not actually about how much I sell, it's about who is receiving the gift. Who is being loved on? Who can share their worries and heartache in the journal? How can that journal help process people's thoughts? The He's Got This poster, can remind people daily who are going through the worst times, that God is in control. To be able to facilitate that for people, whether it's many or a few..fills my heart with joy.


This year hasn't just been about striving, there has been a lot of laughs and wonderful opportunities. Working with some talented photographers (Jonny MP and C-Photography to name a few),  as well as working with some other talented bloggers to create some stunning imagery. 


Overall, I don't think you can class whether 2015 has been a good year or a bad year. It's had it's up and downs, and I'm sure 2016 will be the same. But I am confident that whatever happens, I will stay positive. Grief, pain, uncertainty may surround me, but I know that I know that all things come to good and no matter what, He's got this. If nothing else, let's choose to look back on 2015 with a hope that 2016 will be bigger and better.

None of this would have been possible without the support of some of the best friends and family this world can give you. Forever grateful for new friendships and supportive family. Without their constant support and belief in me, DEFINEADREAM would not be here today.


Have a beautiful Christmas guys and the happiest of New Years,

Love you ALL.

JB x