Pink Hues..

I have a couple of things to share with you before I get into today's blog.

  1. I have a friend. His name is Cephas. And his photography is next level. Seriously, every shoot he just gets better and better (he's also doing a lot of work with Angelo Noel, who you should check out if you have an interest in mens fashion and good photography). C-Photography.
  2. I've banned myself from buying clothes, and not just for January but for three months. THREE MONTHS. This means that a lot of the content coming up over the next few weeks is recreating outfits from my ridiculous wardrobe, along with stock given to me by brands to promote. The reason why I've stopped buying clothes for a season is partly to save, but more because clothes were dictating who I was and had a hold over me, so a break was needed! So far, it's going okay..but I feel the stress of "no new clothes" please bear with me!

For this shoot I thought I might promote Oak + Fort again, I know I'm forever going on about them, but they are me all over and my style down to a T, and I just can't get enough. This beige jacket is about £35.00 which is such good value for money. It's warm. it's comfy and it's simple. Perfect for my "minimalist" wardrobe. In the shoot I paired it with a nude/pink dress from Weekday, which has a beautiful low back (which I didn't get a photo of, doh). Weekday are a great brand also, beautiful clothes and even better sales.

I'm not really a "colour" kind of girl, I mean, me in pink is a big deal. But I feel these are so pale that I can get away with it (with the help of fake tan). Not to girly but still feminine. Pair the outfit with some reliable white sneakers and you're on for a win.


*MUA - Santhy Smith