Oak + Fort

Well this is a dreamy brand. You may of heard of it, I on the other hand just came across it and it is ME all over. A Canadian based fashion brand, first opening in 2010 has quickly expanded over the last few years and has opened stores across Canada and also hit the streets of NYC. They hold a belief that fashion should be uncomplicated and thoughtfully designed. Simplicity at its best. Not distracted by fettered trends they continue to design and develop attainable luxury items to like-minded individuals, like me! I'm gonna get a few pieces and blog on them for sure, JB style.

Amazingly, for the quality and style, they aren't ridiculously priced, maybe between Cos and Whistles, and if you get a sale bargain your winning!

Do you like it? Uncomplicated at it's best..They do have more so make sure you take a peek, I've just shared a few images that I love that happen to show off my monochrome obsession!

JB x