Nude + White..

I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot some pretty cool looks from some pretty cool brands. I'm currently working on a selection of images portraying how I style the brand Oak + Fort. I've also been a bit lack with my photography recently so have been looking at ways I can improve and was gifted a book from some talented photographer friends of mine, it's called  'Read This If You Want To Take Good Photos' and as cheesy as it sounds, it's actually great. It's really helped re-align my focus and challenge my photography style. You may or may not see it in the images below, I'm still developing! But it's an exciting journey.. So now that little intro is out the way, let me show you our first look in the series. As mentioned in a previous blog, I'm a sucker for nude at the moment and this look has inspired so many outfits for me. If you've seen photos of me you may of noticed I'm generally quite pale, a typical British white girl that fails to tan (it's a hard life). This means I have to be careful with my beige/nudes as it can easily make me look drained. The Oak + Fort E18 Jacket is perfect for me, having slightly warmer tones means I can wear it without being asked if I'm ill, what a win! You'll see it appearing in a few upcoming blogs. For now, have a look below at some images I've styled. Playing of the soft tones and texture of the nude dress (from Weekday) against the chunky white knit (similar in New Look), such a killer outfit.


So, what do you think? Could you pull of the nude/beige look and if you did, what would you wear it with?

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Love you all!

JB x