New series..

With every outfit you have an option, spend a lot of money or find a bargain? To be honest, I flip between the two. Sometimes my "want" list is so long that I find the bargains, buy it all for that moment of satisfaction. Every now and then I splurge, do my research, find that perfect piece and flaunt the cash. The reason for all of that, is for a new little series on the blog. I've spent some time with C-photography, taking some shots of five killer outfits that over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you. I will also (cause I'm incredibly helpful) be informing you of where you can make the purchase.

'Yeah yeah yeah' I hear you say 'Just like every other blog'

NO - I'm going to do all your research for you. I'm giving you options, for those who want a bargain and those who like expensive things - I'm going to provide a little shopping list for the two options - making your life, SO simple. All you have to do is click on the link, add to basket and the look is yours.

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First blog, coming this week.

JB x

(*images from archive)