Mr Jonny MP

I wish I was a photographer. But thus far, I'm just raking in the likes on Instagram. I'm all over that like a rash. I like to take good photos, not just aim and shoot, like get artistic and edit the heck out of the photos after. I'm fortunate enough to have some very talented and creative friends, one of them being Mr Jonny MP. Him and his wife Bianca have been good friends of mine for years, we met at Hillsong Church Surrey just after him and his wife got married. Since then I have seen him become a Dad to two gorgeous children, be a husband and father, stay devoted to his full-time job and enjoy his passions. In the past couple of years, Jonny has ventured out into wedding and family photography, and he is exceptionally good. I'm forever keeping an eye on his website, keen for updates and looking at the most recent wedding/family shoot.

Here are a few of my favourite shots:

(Have a look at his blog here for more photos.)

We were lucky enough that he was able to take some photos at our wedding. He seemed to capture the picture perfect moments and I am so grateful that I can look back and remember my day through photos he took. My all time favourite photo, that actually bought me to tears, is one he took of my Grandad and my sister. I desperately wish it was me in the photo (haha).

Isn't it just beautiful??! Ah, I love it.

I thought I would grab the opportunity to ask Jonny some questions, so here we go:

Tell us a little about you, your family, etc... I'm Jonny, aged 31. Though I look about 16. I am married to Bianca and we have 2 precious kids - Ethan and Alisia, aged 4 and 2. God and my family are my number 1 things to me.

I like to lead a busy life - packing lots in! I am blessed with energy and passion for what I do and put my heart into everything I am involved with. I really believe in doing the best with God has given to work with in each season of my life. I can't sit still - watching TV or sleeping is dead time to me. My background is in marketing but I am also a professional photographer. I take great pleasure and purpose from my photography work. It makes me come alive. I truly believe God has blessed me to serve others with the gift of photos that cement memories for them, put a smile on their face and glorify the awesomeness of the world and life around us.

What photography do you do most? And what do you enjoy doing more and why? I mainly do wedding photography, but it's followed closely by family and baby photography.

I love shooting weddings for so many reasons. I absolutely love getting to know my couples - many become friends. The personal nature of my work is fundamental to why I love it. For me people are why I love photography. Photography alone is meaningless without the people who are part of it and who are gifted with photos they love. Being able to be part of people's special day as they become husband and wife is incredible. It's so so awesome to be part it and tell the story of the day through photos. I love being able to document the day - capturing moments in a creative way. Nothing beats the times when you hear back from your couples - the happiness the photos bring people is just priceless. It's why I remind myself every time I shoot a wedding that it's an honour - it's time to seize the day and give it my all! I genuinely look forward to every wedding I photograph.

Family photography is incredibly emotive. Being a parent myself means I get how special these photos are. Kids are a gift from God, they are a blessing - they are a miracle. The love a parent has for their children is unparalleled. To capture a family at a moment in time is so wonderful. To give them photos they can treasure forever. It's awesome and I love it.

What is the most challenging part of being a photographer for you? Constantly wanting to push forward my work. I don't want to keep churning out photos. Every time I shoot I want to do better than the last time. I want to get better and improve constantly. So it's a challenge not to stay in a creative rut - instead to be different, to further develop my style and to come up with new ideas. The limits to photography are endless - it's a journey. I feel like I am one rung up the ladder of where I want to be - with 99 rungs still to go. I want to look back in 2 years and say "wow that work was rubbish!"

Describe your photographic style? How did you develop? I place a huge reverence on composition, harnessing light and capturing people naturally - to make images with creativity and emotion.

I would describe my style simply as creative and natural.

Or in other words a story-teller.

My vision for my photography just clicked about 3 years ago - I began to see the work in my head I wanted to shoot. It's stayed in a similar territory since but hopefully has improved! :)

What has been your scariest moment as a photographer? Realising half way to wedding that my batteries for camera were still on charge at home. I cried like a baby. Thankfully a taxi driver, not concerned for the rules of our roads, saved the day. Safe to say I check all my kit 100 times over now before I leave home! It certainly will never happen again!

What is your best photography tip? 1. Know your purpose! Without purpose we are nothing. You'll soon lose interest and give up.

2. Shoot what makes you come alive. If you love great light - go shoot people at dusk. If you love action go and shoot a concert or a sporting event. Seek what inspires you.

3. Finally if you want to build a successful business have a think about these 3 things that I adopted when I launched 2.5 years ago. - Do 1 thing a day that builds your business every day for a year - Run your own race. Comparison will only set you backwards and discourage you. - Enjoy the journey - smile, be grateful and walk through the highs and lows knowing it's all part your story!

If you are keen to get in touch with Jonny in regards to family shoots or wedding photography, please visit his website . Not only is he an exceptional photographer, but a good friend and a laugh to be around.

Much love ya'll

JB x