Everything & More..

It's time to introduce you to a new brand (by new, I mean I've only just come across them) that I think you will love!

Louise Roe, Established in 2010 - is a Danish interior design company. I found her on instagram and loved her imagery. Louise is a qualified fashion designer and has worked for many years in the home furnishing and interior design business. You can see through her style that she very much sees fashion and interior as one. I love that she doesn't just tie herself to one element but encompasses both to compliment each other. She doesn't scrimp and save, her fashion brand and interior brand are both of the same high quality.

She actually holds a brand that I hope 'defineadream' one day becomes, which is why I'm excited to share this with you. I've been viewing her website and instagram over the past few days in attempt to narrow down my favourite images. As a brand it is everything I want and more, pastel colours, simple lines and fashionable statement pieces. Below I've shown some lifestyle shots as well as some cut outs of my favourite pieces. Be inspired..

To see more, have a little flick through her catalogue or visit her website.

JB x