Loose & Sculptural..

Neoprene. Scuba. One and the same. This Autumn/Winter you want this unconventional fabric hanging in your wardrobe.The scuba style is big, loose and sculptural, in addition to being comfortable and functional.

There are many ways neoprene can be worn. You can keep it minimalistic and contemporary as I have below.

Or be a little more high fashion. The material is flexible, allowing designers to create oversized sculptural shapes.

It can be a little daunting investing in a top of new material when you don't know how to style/wear it. Let your imagination run wild. Neoprene is accessible, it can be worn as an everyday item or a high fashion statement piece. Also, if you travel a lot, it's the perfect material for you as it doesn't crease and there is no need to iron (also perfect for those with busy lives). This sculptural fabric can turn simple design details into bold statements and the best part is that it does not need to be lined or hemmed - winning!

JB x