Kitchen Dreaming..

I've always seen a kitchen as the hub of the home. Where you cook for the family and your friends surround you. I've envisaged having a massive open plan kitchen/dining/seating area in my dream home, so that family/friends are always connected. A lot of the time I find my friends crammed into my small kitchen, or the chef alone in the kitchen (as it's too crammed). So I went on Pinterest (the source of all great ideas) and came up with the following 'musts' for my dream kitchen. As you are probably aware, I love plain and pastel colours. White and grey with interjected colours. Bare walls and calm art. I hope you love these ideas shared as much as I do.

Clean white walls and clean white tiles. Wooden shelving and enamel pots and pans. A lone single bulb hanging down and a wooden work top. I love the open shelving unit in the central photo. If you have white walls use pastel coloured crockery to inject some soft colour into your kitchen.

Vintage Kitchen



I love the pastel colour fridges that SMEG do. The image on the left isn't a SMEG but is similar.  I also love the vintage style range oven which has an industrial style to it.



I quite love the industrial look at the moment and the creative lighting below got my mind going crazy. I love the mason jar lighting and how it's something that you could probably make.


I also love the idea of a chalk board wall - to write those shopping lists, menus and reminders, or even a wall for your kids to dream design and create on!

Chalk Board Wall

Floor Detail Kitchen:Living


And finally some creative flooring to differentiate between your living area and kitchen area. Some parquet flooring using wood effect for the living area and tiling for the kitchen. Easy to wipe clean and keeping the style the same between the two rooms.


JB x