Just like that..

Just like that, it's all over. No more Christmas, no more New Years celebrations. Most of us are back at work and into the daily grind. Scary how quick time flies by! For Christmas DB gifted me a 50mm camera lens which I spent New Years playing with and I got lots of goodies from Oak + Fort, so it was all win for me! For the first blog of 2016, I thought I might share with you some photos from my NYE trip to Norfolk where I stayed in a barn with some of the best people on this world, absolute perfection!


I'm not one for New Years Resolutions, purely because I make them and proceed to break them on day 1 however I have claimed 2016, "the year of the sexy" - what does that even mean?! To me, it's time to make a little more effort. I'm all for getting home, ugly PJ's on, makeup off, bra off, hair in a bun..(DB must come home and wonder what's happened to me..but no more!) I want DB to walk in and think "phwoooar" - I want to catch myself in the mirror and think "yes" instead of "eugh my stomachs" (yes, plural) or "when did I get so many chins?!" - part of it will be changing my attitude and part of it changing my lifestyle. Wanna join in?

I claim 2016 as my year and your year too. Let's make it count.

JB x