It'll be all grey..

Grey, white and black. I'm always drawn to them, as I'm sure you're aware. So when I saw this long grey dress in Zara I picked it up, tried it on and swiftly bought it. Honestly, it's not my normal kind of wear, I'm much more comfortable in jeans and a baggy tee. It also clings to my figure a little bit, not loads, but enough that if I eat too much I'm very self conscious! Saying that, I always get compliments when wearing it so maybe I'm just being a bit too harsh on myself! I also recently purchased a jumper from Oak + Fort, which I love. Again, it's grey but it's so cosy and looks fabulous with this print skirt I got last year from Zara.


All in all, grey wins. And clearly I need to build my confidence a bit to wear the grey dress out and about..

JB x

*MUA - Santhy Smith *Photography - Cephas Azariah