Interiors & Me..

Ask me to design a room or style an event, I'll be the happiest girl alive.I like love design. My inspiration comes from spending hours flicking through Living etc and Elle Decoration magazines, or spending an afternoon searching on Pinterest for the perfect storage idea/cake to bake/fitness routine to use/creative wall art/upcycle project, pinning here, there and everywhere. I love that pinterest fills your mind with ideas of things you can make, bake, create or upcycle independantly. One of my many favourites things to do is upcycle, but that's a whole 'nother blog!

My love for interiors started young, whilst playing The Sims. I would ALWAYS make new houses, cheat (so that I had loads of money) and build mansions, small apartments, family houses - house upon house upon house, all with a different style to suit the personality of the sim I just created. My love for The Sims still continues to this day (my brother bought me The Sims for PS3 for 23rd Birthday) but now I get to have fun with real houses and real events too! I studied Interior Decoration at The Inchbald School of Design (which I highly recommend) and learnt about space planning, storage and furniture layouts, colour, lighting plans, fabric schemes and decorative finishes. I also took some time out to learn how to draw using Vectorworks, a CAD (computer aided drawing) system (it's pretty much the sims, but real life) .

I hope, that in the future, I can share with you projects I am working on amongst other things. Whether it be an event I help style, a room I design, a product I upcycle or a product I make - the design journey will be shared with you.

JB x