Interiors Inspiration..

So I have a new brand for you to follow on instagram, pinterest, facebook etc, you ready to be inspired? I am always looking for interior inspiration and have numerous websites I visit to be inspired and create, but recently my attention was drawn to an image seen on instagram which came from Fantasic Frank. Having done a little research, they are actually a traditional real estate agency. They clearly have a passion for strong photography and know how to create attraction! As part of their team, they have sales persons, marketing people, photographers, but also interior stylists, allowing them to create the most stunning images of "normal" homes, ready to sell. I mean, if I worked here in sales (which is not me AT all), my job would be easy, I mean who wouldn't want to buy one of these homes? Investing in good photography and showing off potential design of your new home really does pay off.


Annoyingly, they are currently only in Stockholm and Berlin, I guess that means I'll have to buy over that way (ha, who am i kidding, buying is only a dream!).

Where do you draw your interior inspiration from?

JB x