Inspire me..

It's almost December (where has this year gone!?) and it's now officially time to put Christmas decorations up. I'm not that November girl, I was bought up not being allowed to put up Christmas decorations till we were at least in December, if not a few weeks in..which I agree 100% agree with. November is too early, however, the shops put out all there beautiful decorations and we buy them (of course) and then they can't just SIT there! So we decorate..

Last year we lived in Putney over Christmas and we had a cute little fireplace which I made our 'Christmas Centrepiece'. Our flat was too small for a tree so I put a vase in the fireplace with twigs in, baubles then hung from the twigs and fairy lights draped everywhere. It was very simple but super cosy. This year we have room for a tree, but I don't really want one. So I have been researching and thinking up some creative ideas on how to decorate our flat for our first Surrey Christmas.

See below for my Christmas inspiration and keep an eye out for my Christmas blog where you'll get a sneak peak into my home and what Christmas looks like with the Barrett's.

Be inspired..

JB x