Ink Me..

I'm desperate for some new ink. photoI already have one tattoo which I adore, I love even more that it's personal to me. No one really gets it. But it's a constant reminder to me that I don't need to compare.

Next on my list is my husband's name in old hebrew on my back, almost halfway down my spine, so it shows above a scoop vest top. I also want a "friendship" tattoo with the bestie, but not something tacky, so that's gonna take some thinking about! I'd also like the word 'freedom' written somewhere. Possible on my arm, possible on my ribs. The thing is, I don't wanna look stupid when I'm 60, so I need to be wise.

Recently I came across a store called "skin feelings". They have some awesome temporary tattoos which I'm definitely going to get. Below are the few I love but check them out here for more.

Keep an eye out for my new ink, hopefully coming soon!

JB x