In the nude..

Sorry guys, no naked pictures here! Just a few items of clothing of my current favourite style, nude. There are some amazing bloggers out there who supply me with endless shopping lists and outfit posts, all of which inspire me to do my own research, create a little and frame what "my style" is. As you will know if you're a follower of this blog, I'm all about simplicity and monochrome, and this look ticks all these boxes.

oak + fort

I'm loving the combo at the moment. Silky nude dress, gorgeous beige jacket and bright white trainers. Drreeaaammmyyy..

So I've spent some time doing a little research for us, finding us the top picks following this "nude" style. There is a fair bit out there but I think I've found you a selection of the best..


1. White Sweater - Topshop

2. Nude Jogger - Baserange

3. Necklace - Oak + Fort

4. Oatmeal Ribbed Skirt - River Island

5. Contrast Bra - It's Mary Young

6. White Adidas Gazelle Trainers - Harvey Nichols

7. Dress - Oak + Fort

Feel free to click on any of the links above to add any of these items to your basket! Have a little look around and find a little nude yourself.

As always, I'm so grateful for you guys and all your support.

JB x