I'm back..

After two weeks of sunning myself on the island of Corfu, I'm back in London, having been greeted by grey skies and drizzly rain - truly home sweet home! To be honest, it was so nice to get away from everything and completely switch off. Limited wifi, unaware of time and the sun beating down on you 24/7 was a dream. But now I'm back and it's time to get into the swing of things again. So for the first blog of my return I thought I might share some holiday pics with you..

Corfu - defineadream

Corfu - defineadream

I miss it so already, blue skies, clear sea, time with DB and family - it's all hit hard coming back home and getting back into a routine. However I am loving how relaxed I feel and am going to work at keeping it, I think it makes me a nicer person!

In other BREAKING news, come October we have new stock being launched on the shop, which is all slightly daunting but at the same time incredibly exciting. Looking forward to sharing more with you.

Glad to be back and sharing with you all again,

JB x