How my friends wear it..

I'm so excited to share this blog with you.. I've mentioned Zoe Boomer before in previous blogs, but her prints and clothes are just stunning and so I have to mention it again.

Zoe Boomer is a fashion designer, the simplicity and effortless style of her clothes can easily transform from daytime chic to evening glamour and you can achieve so many different looks and styles with just one of her items. Myself and my friend were modelling for this shoot and we have very different body shapes however, we both fell head over heels in love for every single item and we felt incredible in them too. The luxury fabric and the perfect fit, it felt like each piece was made specifically for us.

Lucy Dress

So last weekend, with a car full of Zoe Boomer clothes we headed off to some incredible locations, and after lots of changes in portaloos and a small car we came up with the following images! They are simply stunning, and I can't see myself every getting bored of them.

It was seriously so much fun doing this shoot and dressing up in beautiful clothes. I really hope you love it as much as we do, to see more of Zoe's stuff please head to - you won't regret it although you bank balance might.

JB x

Clothing: Zoe Boomer Photographer: Becca Wright Stylist: Jess Barrett Model: Charlotte Farrelly, Jess Barrett, Becca Wright