Her Name is Doubt..

Last week I went to a gig for the launch Chris Read's album (which is all very exciting) and he had a song named "Her name is doubt" that I loved, mainly cause the lyrics from the chorus resounded with where I am right now..

Her name is doubt She weaves into my dreams And I can't keep her out She hides away in my hopes And holds me down And when I play her gane She shows me so much pain And when I need to stand She holds my hand So I can't say which road to take..

Recently I've been thinking of sacking this all in, everyone left right and centre is now a blogger with a creative instagram, making pretty products. I've got to the point of "why bother" when I see other people doing what I wish I could (which is pretty ridiculous considering my last post about creativity!).

Having this and the lyrics from Chris Read's song on my mind the word 'doubt' keeps coming back to me - maybe I'm seeking an answer on what to do. I saw this quote on Grit & Virtue's instagram which shouted to me;

"Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith"

"Far too often we doubt ourselves. We dream big bold dreams, then doubt creeps in and extinguishes them even before we've given them a chance. Don't let doubt stop you"

I started this blog with no real plans, just a brain full of ideas and wanting somewhere to collate it all. I dreamt big with opening a shop, and then I started to compare to everyone else, only seeing their instagram highlights and not the hard work behind the scenes and that's how doubt weaved it's way into my dreams. All this to say, don't let it. I'm sure I'm not alone.. re-write your dreams in FAITH, dream bigger and most importantly, don't compare. Don't allow doubt to hold you down, fight her and believe in yourself. And finally - talk to people, when you're struggling, get alongside people who you trust to give you constructive feedback, who support you on your journey and whom you can work with creatively. We're all on a journey..so let's do it together.

I'm saying bye to doubt.. you should too.

JB x