Faded Palette..

If you haven't seen already (you should have though, they've been around a while!) French Connection now have a 'Home' section, which I adore. They use different textures and raw materials with a faded coastal palette of soft whites, greys and oatmeals to make the most simple and stunning pieces for your home. If you're looking for something a little interesting, have a look on their site. You won't be disappointed; interesting ceramics, weathered furniture and raw materials, it's all beautiful!

French Connection kindly sent me some images of their most recently launched collection which I have to share with you.

I love their imagery, such beautiful photos. I've spent a lot of time on their website, browsing, dreaming and designing. Albeit hard to pick my favourites, these 3 are definitely up there: 1. Large Cube Hurricane Candle Holder 2. Driftwood Side Table 3. Two Tone Zinc Vase

If you would like to see more please head to French Connection Home, they also have a fantastic blog themselves which you should take a look at.

JB x