Eunoia Wolf..

I've been sharing through social media recently about DEFINEADREAM's exsistance on Tumblr, so I thought I might share with you wonderful followers too, cause I don't want you missing out! If you like the imagery on this blog you'll love the images on the Tumblr page, which is Why "eunoiawolf" I hear you cry, why not DEFINEADREAM? Well firstly, DEFINEDREAM was taken (rude), so I had to get creative with a name. I've explained my reasoning why below if your interested, if not, here's a little sneak peak at some killer images from Tumblr.

The definition of "eunoia" is to have a "well mind" or "beautiful thinking" - that's what these images I share do, set my mind up for a beautiful way of thinking, my mind goes wild with ideas and creativity, which to me is beautiful. So why add "wolf" on the end? Because I'm always hunting for something to challenge my way of thinking, to expand yours and my creativity.

So grateful for your following of this blog and your support in everything - if you want to be a little more inspired and delve into my mind a bit, head to my Tumblr.

JB x