Concrete & Wood...

My mind is going creative crazy after researching for this blog. I've always loved reclaimed wood, purely because it has a story, it has history (and I love all most things vintage). And I adore the simplicity of a plain grey wall, that personality can be bought into a room through accessories. So when I saw the two together my heart exploded. Unfortunately now, I desperately want to own a house to re-design and make my own (more than ever before) - whilst I save and dream, I hope you can take these ideas and input them in to your home! Concrete sink

Concrete sinks are a little bit rough yet sleek. Their stone-like look mixed with their seamlessness make them a great design feature for contemporary homes. (Image - Pinterest)

Here are a few more concrete/wood bathroom images - the calming clean lines and simplicity, round soft edges and metal showers, material mix heaven. Bathroom

It's not only bathrooms where you can find the stunning material mix, I've found it in bedside tables, lighting, stools and accessories. Definitely items on my 'if I can't buy, to make' list.

Stunning hey! Dream and create..

JB x

All images from Pinterest