Glorious SUN! With at least a week ahead of us of sun and blue skies, my mind slowly wanders to 'what shall I wear?!' Every year I have the same dilemma, summer draws in and I have "nothing" to wear. Tops I wore last year have seemingly shrunk and fashion is a movement, always progressing.

Whenever I shop, I tend to buy tops or dresses - it's not the I forget the bottom half, it's just that my comfort zone is my top half. I find my figure quite difficult to dress to from my stomach down. My legs are pretty skinny but my hips are child-bearing. And so I always tend to "ignore" buying trousers and shorts..until now. As the sun shone down I found myself looking around and what people were wearing and came across the most beautiful "bottoms". Have a look below at my favourite for this spring/summer (appropriate for work and home).

Culottes, Harems, Skirts & Shorts..time to stock up my wardrobe! (Those Pam & Gela shorts are by far my favourite!)

JB x