As a creative..

I thought I might try my hand at something a little different, so bare with me. I've been thinking a lot recently about creativity. For a lot of creatives, our minds are a mad rush of beauty. One idea flowing into the next before we even have the chance to develop the first. So I wrote myself a little reminder list, which I thought I would share with you.

  1. Take time to think. Don't rush..breathe and think. Give yourself space and time, whether this is in a big open space, a little coffee shop or on the couch with a cuppa - where do you create, where does your inspiration come from? Go there and rest for a bit and let your mind run wild with ideas..
  2. Write it down. All of your ideas, write them down. There will be days where you can't put your ideas down onto paper fast enough and there will be days where there is nothing to put on paper - on those days, look back at your other ideas and revert back to point 1, take a moment to think about  it.
  3. Dream a little bigger. Challenge your ideas and challenge yourself. People didn't get far from mediocre ideas, so dream a little bigger, think a little larger, design a little different. Dream big so that you are constantly growing and making a difference in your sphere of creativity.
  4. Don't get disheartened. It is so easy to watch people around you and compare yourself. I do it all the time, I'm surrounded by incredibly talented creative people who I decide to grow off of and not compare myself too. You are you and you can ONLY be you - so why try run someone elses race? Your ideas have been planted in your mind for a reason, so run with it!
  5. Keep going. Don't stop - creativity can be draining. We give our all to create a masterpiece and don't always get the results or praise we think it deserves. Don't be discouraged, keep going. Each project is giving you experience, developing your knowledge and growing you as a person. Find the reason behind what you do and keep running with it, it takes hard work but it's oh so rewarding.

From one creative to another creative, I hope this helps you as it helps me. Sometimes all we need is to be reminded that things are simpler then we build them up to be.

So go create, get inspired and dream a little bigger.

JB x


Images by Maja Tsolo