Always black..

c-photography, jess barrett

Always black - it's my default colour.

Black is the answer to my fat days, my 'i have nothing to wear' days and my 'loving life' days - it is my security blanket. And this outfit is SO simple. Made up of just a few items, left bare for you to be creative with your accessories.

Black dress, Black Jacket and White Trainers - so simple! See below to see where you can buy the same thing, whatever your budget!

Always black

1. Black Cami Dress £28.00 (Topshop) 2. Duster Jacket £15.00 (Primark - go a few sizes up for the oversized look) 3. White Trainers £70.00 (Adidas) 4. Black Cami Dress £118.00 (All Saints) 5. Black Jacket £809.74 (Victoria Beckham) 6. White Leather Plimsoles £240.00 (Joshua Sanders)

JB x

Styling: Jess Barrett Photography: C-Photography