A Zoe Boomer Bride

A Zoe Boomer Bride is the best kind of bride to be.

'From luxurious flowing silk and chiffon dresses, to crystal embellished dress straps, this is a place where fashion and bridal wear collides' Zoe Boomer

Just over a year ago, I got married. I had been planning my wedding day for a long time before I was even engaged with the help of Pinterest. I had the venue planned, the flowers, the cake, and I knew exactly the style of wedding dress I wanted. So when I got engaged, I searched high and low for that 'perfect dress'. I visited 4 stores and tried on numerous dresses but never had that 'WOW' moment, which I was starting to think was just a hype. There was one dress, it was lace and fitted (not my style at all) that I almost settled for. It had a detailed low back with buttons all the way down. From behind, it was stunning. At that point I knew the back of my wedding dress had to be detailed. (I had figured that during the majority of the wedding ceremony, your guests will see your back, so a detailed back of the dress was a must for me.)

Feeling like I would never find that 'perfect' dress and have my 'WOW' moment, I remembered my friend, Zoe Boomer, had just recently launched some bridal gowns. I had a look on her website and fell instantly in love with her designs (have a sneak peek here). After a couple of emails we arranged a date where she would come over to my sisters apartment and bring with her wedding (and bridesmaid) dresses for me and my sister to try on. Excited was an understatement.

The day came, my precious sister had bought champagne and all my favourite foods and we excitedly tried on wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. And then, all of a sudden, there I was, in my sister's bedroom, with a slip dress on and a large flowing chiffon skirt, almost in tears, because I had my 'WOW' moment. My mind was going into creative overload thinking of all we could do the dress. MY wedding dress. I had found it and I was in love with it.

We only had a 6 month engagement so over that time I met with Zoe a few times at her studio in South West London for all my fittings. I had previously mentioned to her that I would like a detailed back to my dress and she suggested to have a scooping low back with diamond detailing dangling over my back. My mum and I went out and searched high and low for the perfect beading for the back of the dress. We ended up buying a vintage necklace and some straight diamond links. The finished project looked amazing. It was all coming together.

(The thing I loved the most about the Zoe Boomer designs is that I was able to input my own ideas into the design with the help of Zoe. They offer a service where styles can be altered and designed especially for you so that you create your own perfect dress. No one has and no one will, ever have the same dress as me.)

And then the day came that I was to walk down the aisle to marry that boy of mine. I felt like a princess, in a long flowing dress adorned with jewels, everyone looking and whispering 'that dress, wow' - I felt a million dollars; and it was all down to my creative (and beautiful) friend Zoe Boomer.

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I cannot recommend her enough and so if you are looking to find that perfect dress, I have no doubt that she would love to hear from you. Just email info@zoeboomer.com for quotes or any questions you may have.

JB x