5 minutes with... Zoe Boomer

I've recently done a blog on 'How my friends wear it..' - if you haven't seen it already have a quick look and then come back and meet the designer! Zoe Boomer - Jumper DressIf you hadn't noticed already, Zoe Boomer doesn't just to clothes, there are accessories and stunning Liberty print cushions too, which I have shown towards the end of this blog! I love hanging out with Zoe, she is so encouraging, so creative and truly inspiring. I love her heart behind the brand, especially the Freedom Campaign, which you can find out more about here. It would have been silly not to let you get to know the designer behind the Zoe Boomer brand so here we go, welcome Zoe Boomer..

What do you do? I am the Brand Director and Fashion Designer for Zoe Boomer

How did you get into fashion? I discovered at Art College when given a fashion brief that I kept getting top marks, my teacher then encouraged me to pursue fashion design and from then I got accepted into London College of Fashion.

Zoe Boomer

Who or what inspires you? Travel, a stunning shop, magazines, nature, music, interiors - inspiration can come from anywhere, sometimes it just means stop looking at our phones and study our surroundings.

Is this your full-time role? Since a year ago I'm now a full-time mum as well as running the brand!

Zoe Boomer What is your dream job? I guess I’m doing it, It's maybe not how I imagined it but I’m so blessed to be a mum to a super cute baby girl and run my own label. Zoe Boomer is still not where I want it to be but then that what building a business is, we should always be building and looking to improve things.

Where's your favourite place to be? At Home with my husband and daughter (and phoenix winston our dog)


art, gemma cameron

What is your most treasured piece in your home ?

I'm not one to get super attached to things as for me family is more important but I have a painting that my friend Gemma Cameron painted and gave to me one birthday, I just love it, I look at it everyday and just makes me happy.

What is your favourite piece of work to date?

It keeps changing! I always have favourites in every collection then I get tired of them and get excited about the next creation. However I have some very special silk chiffon evening dresses that I still adore. I had the opportunity to shoot them with some other pieces from my collection by an amazing photographer Oli Rust from Paris. The location was in a stunning old country manor in Surrey. To see these dresses in an incredible setting, on a beautiful model and captured by such a great photographer felt like a little dream come true.

Is there any advice you would give people keen to start their own business? Thick skin soft heart.. and start with whats in your hand, be faithful with it and grow it. When I first started I was told I had to do huge collections to be taken seriously, financially it became such a burden and put a strain on the business for many years, I really wished that I just started with a few things and expanded naturally.


Hope you've enjoyed! Keep going, keep dreaming - it doesn't all happen overnight.

JB x