How to style horny hair..

Three hairstyles and a little trick to hide those baby hairs that stick out like horns, or those cheeky sideburns..we worked with Rachel from Captivating hair and makeup, to come up with three easy hairstyles for mums on the go that have the gravity defying horns!

1. Messy Bun

This is my GO TO style. Whether my hair is curly or straight it just works. With a few curls hanging down from the front to draw away from those horns and sideburns. It easy, it's pretty, and it looks effortless.

2. Headband Updo

When the horns are gravity defying and the messy bun is not helping - find a headband. To add a little something different to the look, Rach did a roll up bun at the back. I actually loved this look, I'm not a headband kinda girl but it's actually ideal but those bad hair days - and Anthropologie have some beautiful headbands.

3. Plait Halo

I am a sucker for plaits. I love them, they always look so lovely and make me feel "pretty". I think this was my favourite style of them all. Not the easiest if I'm honest, it would require being done whilst your child naps..but it is worth the time, it's out the say from grabbing hands, looks like you've spent loads of time on it and it's pretty. Here's a step by step guide on how to achieve the same looks..

Top Tip: always leave two strands of hair at the front of your head free and style once hair is up. You can use this to hide your horns/sideburns by placing them in a different direction to the rest of your hair and keep in place with grips.

Thank you Rachel, for saving me with these three hairstyles - making me feel less gremlin and more human! Hope this helps you as much as it helped me!

Jess x