Baby Mori..

This is one baby brand I'm obsessed with. Wolfe already has a number of outfits, muslins, blankets and sleeping bags from Baby Mori which you will no doubt see him in when he decides to make his appearance!

I think I like it so much because the colours are subtle, but not only that, everything is SO soft it's unreal. I can just imagine how cosy little Wolfie will be in the soft fabrics. Their items are made with organic cotton and bamboo, so in winter it will keep them cosy but in the heat of summer, also keep them nice and cool!

I get most of my Baby Mori products through Jelly Kat Kids Boutique, they're an online shop with many brands, they don't have all the stock though so you can go direct to Baby Mori to see all there stock and buy there as well.

I just wanted to share a couple of brands with you before baby is born (in the next couple of weeks!). You will see him wrapped in everything when he's born cllllllll over my instagram and in the blog I'm sure. If you don't already, make sure you give @defineadream a follow on instagram and Facebook!

JB + Wolfie xx