So little wolfie is growing! Now at 27 weeks I feel a little less fat and a little more pregnant, not only cause of my growing bump but the endless list of "effects" pregnancy can have on a human body! One being my popped out belly button which still grosses me out a little.

Having spoken with one of my favourite mummy bloggers, Sally Fazeli, I decided to do a little honest blog for you. I have been trying to figure out for a while where to take this blog, whether to follow a "baby blog" route and keep it true to how I started the blog or pack it all in.
After a week away and a break with my husband I came to the conclusion that my heart is too encourage people. You may of noticed recently that some of my blogs have had a bit more of a lifestyle vibe, attempting to encourage you to dream, or press on, regardless of your situation or what life may throw of you. I ultimately want you to know that someone believes in you. This is something that dwells on my heart a lot and so I will continue to do so.
I cannot ignore the fact that I am having a little boy, or the love have for fashion & interiors.  So alongside the lifestyle style I'm going to be bringing in some baby fashion blogs, shots of my bump in maternity fashion (which I'm honestly struggling with a little!) and eventually little baby boy in dreamy clothes AS WELL as home items. I have already got some super cute nursery items that I am desperate to share with you but we are currently right in the middle of moving and so we will have to wait a little longer.

I hope you continue to come along this journey with me, and welcome to the newbies who have just found DEFINEADREAM - I hope I can continue to inspire you. 

Keep dreaming.. JB + bump x