Jax & Hedley..

Since finding out I was having a little boy I’ve been looking for the cutest little clothes for him. As a follower of this blog you will know that I love the minimalist look and generally steer away from bright colours. Trying to find clothes that suit that in the UK is somewhat challenging, until I stumbled across Jax&Hedley.

Having seen their rompers appearing on different websites I searched the brand and was pleasantly surprised to see they were UK based. I did a little research and love the owners heart, Louise, for the brand. Having a similar problem as myself, she found it wasn’t easy to find stylish pieces for children that adults envy - instead the shops are lined with primary coloured cartoon adorned clothing. Not my cuppa tea. She did what we all dream of doing, creating clothes that her kids would be comfortable in, run riot in and stand the test of time in - and her popularity grew! From one fussy mum to be, to another - thank you for dreaming and creating clothes our little ones can grow into - for spending the hours at home working hard and sewing till the early hours..this mum to be appreciates it!

All of that to say that, I’ve noticed that she’s recently started a Kick Starter page to help fund the AW17 minimalist kids clothing and wanted to encourage you to take a look, investigate and help her so that we can dress our kids in the cutest clothes. Different amounts you pledge give you the opportunity to get your hands on some AW17 clothing before it’s launched in September..you’ll be one of the first to get your hands on the goodies..shop away!

If you want to know a little more about Louise and Jax&Hedley, you can head to this blog, or the website.

I’m off to go do some more research on other brands and shop for my little one to be!

Remember to keep on dreaming, that’s where your future starts..

JB (and bump) xx

(this blog is in no way sponsored or otherwise requested, nor do I gain any benefits from posting - i just love the brand)