Letters to my baby..

As Judah turned 5 months I wrote a letter to him, which I shared on my blog for you to read to. Since the day he was born I have written him letters on the 16th of every month. Random scrap pieces of paper when I remember, scattered in his little box of memories (the first hat he wore, his hospital tag, the first polaroid we took..). I think the first few months of a babies life is when you see the most development, so documenting what he has learnt each month is important to me, to see how fast he grows, learns and develops. It's a crazy whirlwind of a time and we can easily get caught up in it all and not stop to reflect on how much they have learnt. 

Emily Rollings, a beautiful stationary company, created the Birthday Letters to my baby. And it is everything you might want and more. For those of us who love to journal and who love aesthetically pleasing items, this ticks all the boxes. I've actually copied out all my letters I've written so far into it, far neater and less likely to lose the random pieces of paper! Plus a beautiful gift to give to JW when he is older. 

As you know, I'm a huge fan of journals having designer our own DREAMER journal, Emily Rollings also has The Essential Planner.

Again, not only is it beautiful, but full of motivational hand lettered quotes, weekly spreads, calendar, goals section and much more. If you love journals and diaries, this is one for you!

Have a little look at her site, you're guaranteed to fall in love with something. We got these beautiful Christmas cards but she has many many more other cards and prints so have a browse and get shopping.

Remember, take time to reflect. On the development of your kids, on yourself, on your relationship. Life is so easy to get caught up in, especially when a million things happen to you at once, but give yourself 5 minutes. Leave the washing up, don't hoover, make the bed a bit later - have a little you time.

Jess & Judah Wild x