Modern Burlap..

Since finding out we're having a bebe I have been slightly obsessed with baby clothes. My love for fashion has gone from caring what I look like to what my baby will look like. I've found a number of brands that I have fallen in love with, most of them being based in America and Australia (why so far?!) and so I thought I might share with you one of my favourites today. 

Modern Burlap. Based in America, started on a shoestring budget in their quickly grew into an online community for mum's of young babes. She does exactly what I dream of doing, designing and creating products that she wishes existed for her family.'s not clothes! They actually make things like sheets, swaddle blankets, quilts and towels - all with a monochrome design (perfect for when you don't know the gender of bebe!).

One of my first purchases was a crib sheet. I know, pretty random. Designing the babies room is all I think about and when I saw this sheet I fell in love. It is ultra soft. I cannot wait to lay our little babe on it's organic, which is a win! (baby grow is from mothercare)

We also purchased a swaddle blanket. I LOVE them, as soon as I saw them I knew I wanted one, or five. It was hard to choose which 'slogan' to go for but the one I decided on was "God knew my heart needed you" - I felt it was most suited and I can't wait to wrap my little one in those words (I'll go into reasons why in another blog another time). They also have other ones like "Hello World" "I love you to the moon and back" and "You are my greatest adventure" to name but a few!

Do go check Modern Burlap out. I've got a changing mat cover on my list next, as well as a couple more swaddle blankets! 

We find out the gender of our little one next week, which I will of course be sharing with you all, so keep your eyes peeled for that one! Cannot wait to share with you :) and then we can do some real baby shopping!

Also, if you know any baby brands, interiors and fashion, based in the UK, please do let me know!

Love, JB (and bump) x