Stay True..

If you follow @defineadream on instagram you would of seen a posted a photo about staying true to who you are and I thought I might elaborate a bit more on here.

It is so vital to stay true to who you are and to what you believe. Life happens, friends influence you, fashion influences you, all of which not only inspire but can discourage too. How many times have you had an idea but been to afraid to share due to fear of not being accepted? Or an outfit you wish you could wear but its "just not you" - or life throws so much stuff your way that every ounce of your energy is used to get you through a day, let alone working toward making dreams a reality.. I just want to remind you of how valuable you are. That those thoughts and dreams within you have been placed there, little ideas planted in your mind, waiting for you to water with actions and watch flourish in the future. So don't allow negativity in, write it down, allow your heart to be free and begin to dream again.. kick negativity in the butt.

JB x