Streets of Sicily..

Last week, myself and a group of friends visited Sicily. It was the first time I've been to Italy after years of wanting to venture that way. We got a nice villa right on the sea and spent almost every day venturing out and seeing the sights of Sicily. Beautiful architecture, stunning doorways and cobbled streets, all with the sun shining down on you..the sun makes anywhere beautiful! I thought I might share with you some photos of the streets, along with some of my beautiful friends posing for me so I can get the perfect shot..they're pretty dreamy!

Isn't it pretty? I have so many more photos but I think I might save them for future posts! Everywhere you look is just so picturesque..back home now and planning our next little get-away..a little less exotic but beautiful in it's own way I think myself and DB might find a cute cottage in Devon for a week or so..October break..5 weeks away..the countdown is on!

Dream big, JB x