DREAMER days..

I've been offline for quite a while. A busy life and lack of time caused me to drop DEFINEADREAM for a season, but now we're back - although we look a little different! We have moved our site over to Squarespace from Wordpress and life is so much easier. The website looks exactly like I have envisaged and it was so easy to do..what do you think?

I wanted to take time today to talk to you about the DREAMER journal. A little background for you newbies; DEFINEADREAM is an online shop with blog. It started off a couple of years ago as just a blog, somewhere I would upload images that I loved, that inspired me. Slowly as it grew little dreams were placed on my heart and today we have the online shop available, with products in that I have designed among other beautiful brands. 

My favourite product in our shop is the DREAMER journal. Beautiful white leather, little gold details and a minimalist raw edge finish, I will never get over the beauty of it.

First off, why did I call it the DREAMER journal? Because I think it is so key to write down you dreams. It gives you focus on what you're working toward but also as you look back reminds you of what you have achieved and encourages you to keep on going.

 Secondly, because it's what my dreams were made of, I had looked for a journal like this one for months and I could find it no where! So I drew it, got some moodboards together, found some leather, and started the process of making that dream become a reality. All the time I was writing down my dreams for what I wanted DEFINEADREAM to become.

All this to say, I'm not where I want to be at all, but I'm definitely in the days I dreamed of at the beginning of this blog..and that's your story too. Your in the days you dreamed of, you may just not realise it. 

So invest in a journal (we advise the DREAMER journal ;) ), process your thoughts and get those wild dreams written down AND keep going! 

JB x